Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guruji's visit to Sydney and Auckland, Dec 2009 : Excerpts from Usha Gurumurthy's diary

12 Memorable days with my Guruji in Sydney and Auckland
by Usha Gurumurthy

My pranams at the lotus feet of my Guruji.

Sydney Visit:

Back ground
A few months ago Guruji planned a visit to Melbourne to attend the World Religions Conference. I was thrilled that he was coming to Australia. It had been my greatest wish, since the day I met him , that Guruji should stay with us in our tiny little place in Sydney. I could now see my wish being fullfilled. I humbly requested Guruji to come to Sydney after the Melbourne conference, and he agreed. My husband and I were both very happy when he accepted our invitation, and we both had tears of joy brimming in our eyes.

Counting the days, preparation:
I thought of all the things that Guruji might need and gathered them. The days passed so quickly and happily in preparing for his arrival.

The moment arrived:10th December
10th December finally arrived. It was Thursday which is the Guru’s day. What could be more exciting than receiving my Master on this special day? I got up with excitement around 2 am and started the preparations for Guruji’s arrival.